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Take the confusion out of logbook completion

When an employer asks:

"How complete is your logbook?"

You can now answer with confidence.

Using our online logbook, you will simply:

  • Sign tasks
  • Mark tasks “n/a” that aren’t applicable to you
  • And our app takes care of the rest!

    We calculate your overall percentage complete, and store the aircraft type, registration, and date completed for each task in your logbook. The information is stored on our secure servers that are backed up weekly, so you never have to worry about losing or damaging your paper records.

    As per AWM 566.03(4)(e), Transport Canada requires you to have 70% of a set of sample tasks completed, so we’ve added all of those tasks to for you, and organized them by chapter. All that's left for you to do is to register, and start signing off your tasks.

    We know the long hours worked to fill in your logbook, and that information is priceless to you. That’s why we’ve created, the online AME logbook, for a better way to store and track your information.

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