Indroducing AdminPanel

AMELogbook's way for AMO's, ATO's and recruiters to tap into apprentices logbook information.

    About AdminPanel

    With AMELogbook, we created a way for apprentices to keep a digital version of their logbook. We calculate their overall percentage complete, giving apprentices a clear picture of their progress.

    With AdminPanel, we've created a way for employers, technical school administration and recruiters to view any apprentices logbook information in the easiest way possible.

    Improve Efficiency

    Assign maintenance tasks to apprentices more efficiently, by first checking who has and who hasn't completed a task, helping apprentices fill out their logbook faster and keeping apprentices training on new tasks.

    Before Hiring

    View candidates logbooks in depth to gain a deeper understanding of their experience before hiring. Ensure their experience is backed up by adequate logbook completion.

    Level Up Faster

    Compare apprentices to see if anyone is falling behind, and may require extra assistance. Recognise where an apprentice is lacking in experience to help guide them in the right direction.

    Ensure your apprentices are on the right track, and get licensed faster.

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